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Dinky 619 Bren Gun Carrier with Anti-Tank Gun

Dinky 619 Bren Gun Carrier with Anti-Tank Gun in olive green, with various decals, 5 loose missiles, and missing one of the figures from the truck.

First issued in 1976, the condition is  99% mint. There are a few small chips to the gun,  as seen in the pic's. The rubber treads are all complete and in excellent condition. For best idea see the pic's.

The box is original, complete and in good condition. The plastic bubble is discoloured (as often happens with these boxes) and has a few cracks and signs of age wear around the corners. The card base is near to mint, a little creased and worn in places, 8/10.

From a small, but good, vintage collection of Dinky, Corgi, Politoys etc... Bought in from Argentina.